Inviolate 2.0

Scroll down to see the roster of badass musicians we work with on a regular basis. This list is ever-evolving and will be added to as more musicians join our ranks.



Associated Acts

Gear List

Derek Obscura

The Casket Creatures Blackstar, Dean, BC Rich, Coffin Case,

Drew Collum

Eternal Mortality Line 6, Stringer guitars, Schecter, Ernie Ball strings.

Alan Strange

Prime Mover ESP guitars – LTD GL600FB baritone guitar
Mesa Amplification – Triple Rectifier
Boss, Maxon, Morley, and TC Electronics

Robert Hannon

The Void Marshall cabs, Mesa, ESP

Travis Dry

PRS guitars, Marshall cabs, Splawn


Associated Acts

Gear List

Ernie Topran

Halcyon Way
Trick Drums
Sawbladehead Designs
Gorilla Ears
Miktek Microphones
On Board Research
Zildjian Cymbals
Vater Drumsticks
Evans Drumheads
Pdp Hardware

Jeremy Kidd

Harvester Evans drumheads

Shiloh Bloodworth

JP Blues
The Casket Creatures


Fatcastor DW Drums, Vater sticks, Meinl cymbals, Evans drumheads

Don Cadman



Associated Acts

Gear List

Robert Hannon

The Void

Clifton Bishop

The Casket Creatures Gallien Kreuger, Schecter, Coffin Case

Shon Harp

Enders Game
Eternal Mortality

Brandon DuBose

Currently Inactive / Alumni

Musicians who have played as part of a 2.0 lineup:

Brian Ellis
Trey Hollingsworth
Trent Horne
Jarrod Johnson
Kris Maltenieks
Chet Powell
Simon Ransom
Dani Scythe
Monte Shane
Adam Yarbrough