What Fans Are Saying

“This chick sounds something like if Amy Lee, the chick from the Cranberries and Serj Tankian had a threesome and a baby was born as a result… Just met her but this band is doooooooooope!!!!!!! Can’t wait for the show.”

— Nick Parten
Tuscaloosa, AL


“Inviolate! Amazing show in Charlotte, come back to us!”
— Jared RemyLebeau Belcher
Charlotte, NC


“Inviolate rightfully violated St. Valentine at the Bowery last night. But lead vocalist Kadria did give the guys some eye candy: a belly dance…with speed metal, and did a cover of “All the Single Ladies.” Speed metal and belly dancing-it’s time for metalheads to take the next step toward innovation of the only music that rocks!”
— Julia Pope
Knoxville, TN


“Put on an awesome show at the Masquerade the other night and a very cool group. I always pick up a shirt at most shows I go to and one of their street crew basically said, “Go listen to their set. If you end up rocking out, come back and pick up the shirt.” Sure enough, I came back and picked up the shirt. :)”
— Drew Arrigoni
Atlanta, GA

“First seen these guys in June, after riding around forever looking for a scene that was working my mood. Country and karaoke suck especially when you wanna rock. About to give up I tried one last place I hadn’t been to in years. As soon as I got out of the car I could hear this blissful thrash pouring thru the door accompanied but willing vocals. This was what I was looking for. Coming in and seeing this bad ass chick screaming out every emotion I was feeling I was hooked. After the show I bought a Tshirt and CD and spent some time getting to know the band. Kadria is such a sweet people person I couldn’t help but love her. The very next day I found them on FB and started following them. The next time they hit Tampa I think I was the first person there. The beautiful mix of sound and a killer presence makes them a must see. But don’t be fooled by her sweetness this chick will make your ears bleed. I will see them every chance I get, and hope they are gonna be back this way soon.”
— Thee Phoenix
Tampa, FL

“Met the singer at the Periphery concert two weeks ago. She had some wicked dance skills on her!!! It was great talking with her  Also looked up ya’lls vids and their amazing! You’ll deff go far with the uniqueness…….Break a leg tomorrow in ATL, I really wish I could make it.”

— Veronica Rodriguez
Augusta, GA

“No one should ever miss out on seeing an Inviolate Show!”
— Peter Kundis
Orlando, FL